Love Letter to Myself, 7/1/11

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Dear Kimmy,
I’m very sorry to hear you have been so stressed out lately. I know that you feel like you should be able to handle your recent difficulties better, but don’t worry! You are actually doing great!

Your family is safe and secure, fed and clothed (except for the boy), and having a fine summer. You don’t need to worry about them. They are fine!

You are doing all the right things. You are talking to people, you are asking for the help you need, and you are not smoking or drinking or doing those terribly mean, selfish, stupid things that you used to when times got hard. Because you have been so diligent in your efforts to improve your life, you have built up some real strength and you can handle this kind of stress.

It’s not your fault that you are bipolar, but it is your responsibility to treat it. And you do that beautifully! You take your meds every single night without fail, you keep your appointments with your psychiatrist and you try really hard to communicate honestly and fully about your issues, you go to group therapy, you read books about loving kindness, you try again and again to do the right thing. And you are good at it! At group therapy you lower your walls and risk being a little vulnerable, and that takes courage. By listening, sympathizing, sharing your experiences, and showing your true emotions you make yourself a part of a supportive, nurturing, encouraging circle of amazing people that are desperately trying as hard as they can to improving their lives. Not everyone does that. Not everyone gives a damn about getting better. You do, and that means something.

You are just having a tough time right now. Just keep doing what you need to do, trust that because it has gotten you out of worse problems than this, it can get you back on track again. It takes time. Your brain chemicals are a bit trickier to manage than most, so just do your best, it’s enough. The mood swings will slow down and the waves will be gentler. You will feel okay again. You don’t always feel this out of control. It will pass.

Just in case you forgot, I think you are adorable. You have been buying cuter clothes to wear, which is hard for you, and you have been making an effort to wear make-up. You have a sassy haircut. You look really cute! It makes me happy to see you taking care of yourself. You deserve it.

So take it easy. You are doing great. You’ll be alright. Your family loves playing with you, they think you are hilarious. They know you are dependable. The understand and they love you and want you to feel secure. Your friends like you. Your buddies in group trust you and look up to you. You help them! You mean a lot to a lot of people.

Hugs and kisses!

Good luck, Sweetie! I love you!


The Queen

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Queen Phlahbahdoobahdah did her very best to be a just and merciful ruler.  She was a beautiful young queen, she had flowing brown hair that glistened in the sun, rosy cheeks, and sweet pink lips.  She wore lovely gowns, which got in her way sometimes, but she dutifully sacrificed her comfort for the sake of her people.


Queen Phlahbahdoobahdah had ruled since her parents retired to the country and left her in charge.  She was not yet married but she had a boyfriend that she didn’t like very much.  His name was Prince Poopalottapoops.  The Prince was from the neighboring kingdom and he had been named after Queen Phlahbahdoobahdah’s father, the former King Poopalottapoops, who was named after the legendary Sir Poopalottapoops the Great.  It was a strange name that made Queen Phlahbahdoobahdah sigh and shake her head in dismay, but it was not uncommon.  In fact, nearly all the noblemen of her kingdom, and the neighboring kingdom too, were named Poopalottapoops.


Queen Phlabahdoobahdah lived in a beautiful castle made of pink stone. Travellers passing through her valley would admire the splendor of her vast garden, which was full of beautiful pink flowers of all kinds. She had to have a very large garden indeed because she had her servants pick her some every day.   They had to pick a lot of flowers because the beautiful pink castle had a serious problem.

The Little Red Hen, By Mo

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Dragon dragon in the den

What are you doing with The Little red Hen?

Humpty Dumpty

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Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall.

For a dragon’s lunch he seemed kind of small.

So all the king’s horses and all the king’s men

Made delicious dessert back in the den.

Little Bo Peep

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Little Bo Peep

has lost her sheep

Because a dragon ate them.

She cried Boo-Hoo

So he ate her too

And then he deficate them.

My husband just set up this bloggy program thing on my Droid!

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He called me into the bedroom to show me how to use it and I locked the door behind me. Immediately, my daughter was knocking at the door. I told her that Daddy was showing me something. She asked, “Is it for kids?” “No, Morgan.” “Is it naked pictures?” “It’s not that kind of not for kids, it’s just a computer thing.” After that she wandered away disinterested. I wonder if she thinks we are often looking at naked pictures when we lock her out. I think we should try to be more often.