The Queen


Queen Phlahbahdoobahdah did her very best to be a just and merciful ruler.  She was a beautiful young queen, she had flowing brown hair that glistened in the sun, rosy cheeks, and sweet pink lips.  She wore lovely gowns, which got in her way sometimes, but she dutifully sacrificed her comfort for the sake of her people.


Queen Phlahbahdoobahdah had ruled since her parents retired to the country and left her in charge.  She was not yet married but she had a boyfriend that she didn’t like very much.  His name was Prince Poopalottapoops.  The Prince was from the neighboring kingdom and he had been named after Queen Phlahbahdoobahdah’s father, the former King Poopalottapoops, who was named after the legendary Sir Poopalottapoops the Great.  It was a strange name that made Queen Phlahbahdoobahdah sigh and shake her head in dismay, but it was not uncommon.  In fact, nearly all the noblemen of her kingdom, and the neighboring kingdom too, were named Poopalottapoops.


Queen Phlabahdoobahdah lived in a beautiful castle made of pink stone. Travellers passing through her valley would admire the splendor of her vast garden, which was full of beautiful pink flowers of all kinds. She had to have a very large garden indeed because she had her servants pick her some every day.   They had to pick a lot of flowers because the beautiful pink castle had a serious problem.

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